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Businesses measure everything...

Except the most important thing...

Their capacity for creativity and innovation.

FORM changes that.

uses proprietary analysis to reveal where human and economic value is being lost.

deepens connections and accelerates growth across your organization.

From Data to Actionable Recommendations

Aligning your leadership team
Uncovering employee stories that drive growth
Finding and scaling your own best practices
Turning data into actions in 30 days

30 days from start to feedback

Day 1

Participant Selection

Day 5 - 15

Survey Open

Day 15 - 20

Results Analyzed

Day 21

Results Presented

Day 22 - 28

Client Feedback

Day 30

Final Action Plan

The FORM Team

Developed by experts

Founder & CEO
Charles Day
Partner - Talent Development
Lori Bradley, Ph.D.
Partner - Data Science
Lani Van Dusen, Ph.D.
Christine Tardio
Strategic Advisor
Gareth Kay

Charles Day

Charles is a founder of Fearless Creative Leadership — A Creative Leadership Practice.

As an advisor to some of the world's most celebrated creative leaders, Charles helps many of the world's most disruptive companies—from global brands to founder-led startups.

Charles is host of the acclaimed 'Fearless Creative Leadership' podcast, interviewing iconoclastic, game changers from across the creative industries. He writes frequently for Fast Company and speaks regularly on Creative Leadership.

Charles has been an Adjunct Professor at New York’s Columbia University, teaching the art and science of building companies that unlock 'Profitable Creativity’.

Charles is proud to be a board member of PAWS Chicago, one of the world's most progressive and innovative animal welfare organizations. He and his wife have many dogs—each of which Charles claims was a strategic decision.

Lori Bradley, Ph.D.

Dr. Lori Bradley has held multiple senior leadership roles where she was responsible for setting a global human capital strategy including employer branding, talent acquisition, talent management, talent development, employee engagement, and diversity, equity & inclusion. She holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and is passionate about helping leaders lean outside their comfort zones to achieve more than they thought possible.

Her coaching work has included C-Level leaders from industries as diverse as fashion, big pharma, tech, manufacturing, eCommerce, retail, and defense and aerospace.

Lori’s work has led to recognition from Forbes Magazine, Newsweek, Comparably and Glass Door, and she has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and AGENDAWEEK among other publications. Lori was recognized as a New York Business Woman of the Year, as one of the Top Executives for Diversity by Black Enterprise Magazine, and by the National Diversity Council as one of the Top 50 Talent Executives for Diversity.

She has led her companies to garner various accolades including America’s Best Employers for Diversity, Americas Best Employers for New Grads, and Best Employers for Veterans via Forbes; America’s Greatest Workplaces for LGBTQ+, America’s Greatest Workplaces for Women, and America’s Most Trustworthy Companies.

Lori has served on the Board of Directors of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Safe Horizon, the largest victim services non-profit organization in the United States, providing social services for victims of abuse and violent crime. She is passionate about human rights and animal welfare.

Lani Van Dusen, Ph.D.

Lani Van Dusen specializes in designing and conducting both quantitative and qualitative assessments of organizational systems, culture, leadership effectiveness, and human performance.

She has over 30 years of experience in the development and use of comprehensive research databases, designing and implementing measurement systems, and conducting large-scale research and evaluation projects. She has designed and conducted over 300 projects for government agencies, educational institutions, as well as for profit and non-profit organizations in 23 countries.

Lani has published over 200 journal articles, technical reports, and book chapters in the areas of learning, evaluation, and performance and holds a PhD in Experimental Psychology from the University of Georgia.

Christine Tardio

Chris is the co-founder of The Lookinglass—A Creative Leadership Practice.

She is a trusted advisor and leadership coach to a diverse group of highly successful women business leaders.

As an Emmy® winning Producer of The Oprah Winfrey Show and the VP of Publicity and Promotions for HARPO Productions, Chris helped guide the development of a local Chicago talk show host into the most powerful media personality in the world.

As the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of the global film editing company The Whitehouse, LLC she led a multi-office organization that redefined the way networked media companies work.

Chris coaches regularly at The Harvard Business School in their Executive Education Program and their annual international Women’s Leadership Forum, as well as for the IWF in the HBS component of their fellowships.

Gareth Kay

Gareth has spent over 2 decades working in, and learning from, some of the best creative companies in the world. He was most recently CMO of Twill, the digital health company, and before that co-founded the creative studio Chapter whose clients included Google, Target, Meta, PayPal and AirBnB.

Gareth is a strategist by trade, learning his craft at ad agencies in London before moving to the US in 2003 to build and lead the strategy department of Modernista!, and then serving as Chief Strategy Officer of Goodby, Silverstein and Partners.

Gareth is a firm believer that creativity remains a business’ last unfair advantage. And whilst he’s been lucky to have both won and judged leading strategy, creative and effectiveness awards, his biggest satisfaction has been in building environments for others to do the best work of their lives.

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